What is Custom Duty | Calculate Custom or Import Duty, Rates & Tariff | Pay Online Custom Duty

The tax levied on commodities when they are carried across international boundaries is known as customs duty. In simple words, it is a tax levied on items imported and exported. This duty is used by the government to increase revenue, protect domestic industries, and regulate the movement of products. Custom Duty rates differ based on … Read more

Income Tax Helpline Number | GST, e Filling, Refund Customer Care Toll Free Number

When it comes to aiding customers with their questions or finding solutions, the Income Tax department’s customer care section is extremely effective. Individuals can contact any of the below-mentioned numbers for assistance at any time. In an effort to make it easier for taxpayers to find answers to their questions, the Income Tax Department provides call center … Read more

What is Direct Tax | Types of Direct Taxes | Example & Features of Direct Tax

A tax is a necessary fee or monetary charge imposed by a government on an individual or an organization in order to raise funds for public works projects that provide the greatest services and infrastructure. The funds raised are then used to fund other government activities. Failure to pay taxes or refuse to contribute will … Read more