Federal Bank Balance Check Online by Mobile Number, Missed Call, SMS

Federal Bank Balance Check Missed Call, SMS, Toll-Free Number, Mini Statement | How to Check Federal Bank Balance Online | Federal Bank Balance Enquiry Number

One of the most prestigious banks in India is Federal Bank. The bank provides a wide range of services, some of which include the generation of mini statements, loans, balance checks, SMS notifications, and email alerts. Below is a list of the several ways to check your balance. 

Federal Bank Balance Check

Federal Bank Check Balance Number

  • A missed call must be sent to the Federal Bank balance inquiry number shown below by the account holder: 8431900900.
  • You can request a Federal Bank mini statement by leaving a missed call at the following number: 8431600600.
  • You can check your Federal Bank balance by calling the inquiry line at 8431900900 and leaving a missed call.

These straightforward steps can be used to check the balance:

  • From the registered cell number, call 8431900900 to inquire about your Federal Bank balance.
  • Wait for the call to end.
  • An SMS will be sent from the bank in response to the Federal Bank balance query.

Federal Bank Account Opening 

How Do I Simply Register For A Federal Bank Balance Check?

  • In order to get Federal Bank Balance Enquiry responses via missed calls, users must register with the bank. The steps listed below can be used to sign up for this service:
  • ACTBAL 14-digit account number, in writing.
  • Send this text message to (9895088888).

Federal Bank Balance Check Other Processes

There are several ways to check your balance, according to the bank. These approaches are:

1. Net Banking – To check your balance online, just follow these simple instructions:

  • Access the Federal Bank online banking website.
  • Type in your user name and password.
  • For the Federal Bank balance inquiry to be completed, go to the account summary area.

2. Account users can check their balance via any of the apps offered by Federal Bank, including FedBook Selfie, Fednet, Federal Store, Federal Bank – Federal Corp, etc. Simply follow the instructions below to check your balance: Download any of the bank’s mobile applications to check your balance.

3. Federal Bank Balance Enquiry Toll-Free Number – Account holders can use the following toll-free numbers to inquire about their Federal Bank balances:

1800 – 425 – 1199

1800 – 420 – 1199

Federal Bank Credit Card Online Apply

4.  ATM – You can also check your balance by visiting an ATM. Simply adhere to the guidelines below:

  • Insert your card at any ATM, then choose the Balance Enquiry option.
  • The balance is shown on the screen following PIN verification.
  • Download any of the bank’s mobile applications to check your balance.
  • Login for the account.
  • To view the account balance, visit the account summary area.


What are the fees for checking your federal bank balance?

If clients call the Federal Bank Balance Check number, they will receive a free Federal Bank Balance Check.

Who is qualified to inquire about their Federal Bank balance?

Only customers who are residents can contact the Federal Bank balance inquiry number and inquire about their balance.

What is the missed call service’s Federal Bank Balance Check Number?

The balance check number for Federal Bank is 8431900900. Customers can get the answer to their question about their Federal Bank balance by just leaving a missed call at this number.

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